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 If you are a brand or advertiser looking to work with me please comment on this page or email me. Let’s  get in the kitchen and feed our cravings!!

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Hello! My name is Ashley . I work a full-time job, but food is my true passion. One of my favorite parts of my day is reading the blogs that I am subscribed to, and I decided one day that I want to be a part of that. That wonderful community of food loving people sharing all the delicious stuff and the tidbits about every day life. Food is love, and I am so glad you stopped by to visit my site!

Here are some fun random facts about me:

  1. I have two kids, a girl and a boy who we’ll refer to as M and B. Loves of my life! 
  2. I am allergic to black licorice.
  3. I read magazines backwards
  4. I am not a steak eater, nor do I like fried chicken or pie. I’m a terrible American 😉
  5. I am tall, almost 5’10”, and very clumsy, although (knock on wood!) I have never broken a bone
  6. I love hearing comments from all of you on my blog, and love feedback on my recipes you’ve tried!
  7. I cannot hold my breath underwater and am a weak swimmer.
  8. I adore pizza and could eat if breakfast lunch and dinner! (maybe even dessert??)
  9. Even the most basic math sends me into a sweaty panic!
  10. My favorite herb is basil and I am OBSESSED with vanilla bean paste.

Every recipe I share is one that I love and I hope that you enjoy them too. Some are my own creations, and others are adapted from recipes I find while cruising through my email and Pinterest (Pinterest addict here!)


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